Using vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager – Part three.

One of the fantastic features of the vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager is the ability to manage certificates for different vRealize Suite products and for the application itself. With this feature, we are able to generate, replace or manage certificates

Replacing Certificates 

In the process that follows, we securely store the vRLCM and vRIDM certificates in the vRLCM’s Locker, and replace them for each product.

1) Generate a new certificate using OPENSSL as described here or through your own method.

2) Logon to the Lifecycle Manager and from the homepage, choose Locker

3) Click on Import under Certificate. Type the name you wish to associate with the certificate, enter the password used to create it (if you have), browse to the PEM file, then the Private Key and Certificate Chain are populated. Click on Import for finishing the task.

Repeat steps 1-3 for each certificate.

4) Go back to the home page and select Lifecycle Operations.

5) Select Settings from the left-hand pane, choose Change Certificate, and click the Replace Certificate button to change the certificate for vRLCM.

6) Click Next, choose the vRealize Lifecycle Manager certificate from the drop-down list, click Next.

7) Click Run Precheck ensure they check-out successfully and click Finish if there are no issues.

8) After you click Finish, you can view the progress of the certificate changing on the Request Details page.

8) To replace certificate of IDAM, Click Home, select Manage Environments, click View Details on the globalenvironment environment

6) Select Replace Certificate 

7) Click Next, select the certificate from the drop-down menu, click next, click Run Precheck to verify the certificate, and click Finish.

Your certificates have been successfully replaced!